Sakai v20.1 LMS — Chapter 1: Installation(Mac)

Installation Guide (Binary) on Mac

  1. Oracle Java 1.8 (macOS x64)
  2. Tomcat 9 (Core: zip or tar.gz)
  3. MySQL or MariaDB
  4. Sakai (sakai-bin-20.1.tar.gz)

Install Java 1.8 followed by instruction.

Check the Java version and location.

Set “JAVA_HOME” in the ‘.bashrc’ or ‘.zshrc’

Download and extract Tomcat9 from a web browser or ‘wget’ if you have it.

Move ‘Tomcat’ under ‘/usr/local/’

Set Tomcat path in the ‘.bashrc’ or ‘.zshrc’.

Reload .bashrc or restart the terminal to read the ‘.bashrc’ settings and check the tomcat

Create a file called ‘’ with

in the ‘/usr/local/tomcat9/bin/’.

Remove default tomcat app from ‘tomcat9/webapps’.


to the <Context> block of the ‘conf/context.xml’.

Unpack the Sakai binary distribution and move in the $CATALINA_HOME/sakai

Create a folder named $CATALINA_HOME/sakai and a file named ‘’ to the folder.

Add database connection in the ‘’. (MySQL)

If you use MariaDB, change the driver.

Create database and database user.

It will take a long time about 20 minutes because Sakai database will be created at the first start. To watch the log, use ‘tail’.

Visit the Sakai portal, “localhost:8080/portal”, with your prefer web blower.

[Default id: admin password: admin]

Stop the “tail” and shutdown Sakai.

If you have errors such as “Port already in use: 8089; nested exception is:” kill the process.



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