Sakai v20.1 LMS — Chapter 3: Syllabus

3 min readOct 20, 2020


Create a syllabus

The CLTI of University of Illinois has an excellent resource on how to write a syllabus and the CTI of Cornell University has a useful syllabus template. We will create a sample syllabus followed two university’s resources in the Sakai.

Create syllabus contents

Login as the instructor of a course and go to the “Syllabus”.

Click the “+Add item” then you will get a text editor(CKEditor).

You can put all about your course syllabus in the editor box, but we will create a few separate items. Each items can be published by different ways for example, different time, different roles. You can publish only the course information for everyone and can open other items only for the participants.

  • Course title, rational, aims and outcomes

and “Add” then you will get the draft item. When you ready to publish, click the eye icon.

You can collapse the item by clicking the title bar.

  • Course requirements format and procedure. Click the “+Add item” and write them.
  • Repeat to input Grade & Additional Resource Readings

Control the contents

  • publish and viewable roles. Click the eyes to publish all item and click the lock icon of “Course information” to make it viewable to the whole world.

There is no icon to modify items. To modify them, click the “Edit” tab and Click the “Edit Details”.

then you will get the edit page. If you’d like to use timer to publish them, you can set the timer here.

Student mode (Collapse)
Student mode (Expand)
  • “Print View” will show a popup window. It’s a print friendly syllabus page.
Print View

Bulk Add

If you have a multiple syllabus by date, you can create them here. It will be pulished by date.