Pfsense as a guest of VirtualBox

6 min readAug 12, 2021

Create Pfsense as a guest of VirtualBox for clusters firewall

This post will introduce how to create Pfsense guest in VirtualBox for firewalling clusters in VirtualBox.

Pfsense is based on FreeBSD. When you create a Pfsense guest in VirtualBox, just select BSD as a type and FreeBSD 64 as a version.

I used the default setting values except for networks, but you can use your own settings.

I set two NICs. One is for WAN and the other is for LAN(inside of VirtualBox network).

I set the first NIC(Adapter 1) as a “Bridged Adapter” instead of NAT because I want to reach Pfsense directly.

I activated Adapter 2 as a LAN for the inside of the VirtualBox network.

The current Pfsense version is 2.5.2. I inserted the iso image.

This is the first installation look when you run the box.

There are only three seconds to read the menu!!! It’s too short to read and decide something. However, it will start the installation after three seconds.

I used all default options except the default Pfsense LAN IP address, “" because my router is using the IP address. I guess most router uses “” as a default router IP address. We should change the…


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