Pfsense as a guest of VirtualBox

6 min readAug 12, 2021

Create Pfsense as a guest of VirtualBox for clusters firewall

This post will introduce how to create Pfsense guest in VirtualBox for firewalling clusters in VirtualBox.

Pfsense is based on FreeBSD. When you create a Pfsense guest in VirtualBox, just select BSD as a type and FreeBSD 64 as a version.

I used the default setting values except for networks, but you can use your own settings.

I set two NICs. One is for WAN and the other is for LAN(inside of VirtualBox network).

I set the first NIC(Adapter 1) as a “Bridged Adapter” instead of NAT because I want to reach Pfsense directly.

I activated Adapter 2 as a LAN for the inside of the VirtualBox network.